Dogan London has launched to offer cutting-edge bespoke furniture styles to interior designers and architects. Serving key areas of the city on high-end projects, including prestigious residential and commercial properties across Chelsea and Fulham, the company pairs extensive experience with forward-thinking practices to create truly distinctive interiors.

Dogan London’s craftsmen and designers are committed to delivering the utmost elegance with beautiful materials. Their handcrafted furniture range is eclectic. From sophisticated dressing tables for bedrooms to stylish and bespoke chairs for kitchen areas, various design styles and centuries influence their creations.

Managing Director, Dogan Cagatay, comments;

“Our years of experience have allowed us to make handmade furniture a focal point of any room. We collaborate closely with interior designers and architects to ensure each piece is built with ‘soul’ and a unique story. They complement the cornerstones of our work – trust, detail, and exceptional quality”

The furniture makers specialise in providing solutions that satisfy a number of key design trends – including fitted storage units to maximise on living space that seems at a premium, and tailor-made, one-off leather and luxury upholstered sofas.

All this is in addition to the careful attention to detail of Dogan London’s experienced team. They help their clients find the best solution for the available space, and showcase new and original features to enhance the beauty of the raw materials they select.

Creative at heart, many of their style ideas are from their own imagination.

Dogan London achieve this personalised approach by working directly with each client to meet their precise specifications. They fashion each piece with its own sense of history and purpose, resulting in workmanship that incorporates both elegance and detail. Every design is entirely unique, and the structures are of first-class quality.

This is driven in large part by their ethos. To achieve the perfect finish, they believe that this goal can’t be an afterthought – a project needs to start with it firmly in mind.

To find out more about Dogan London, visit their website (

Foyer in traditional suburban home with curved staircase

Beautiful bespoke furniture and interior accessories by Dogan London were chosen for Cecconi’s, a stylish and sophisticated Italian restaurant in the heart of the capitol.  Situated ‘a stone’s throw away’ from Shoreditch High Street train station on Redchurch Street Cecconi’s Shoreditch is a uniquely styled restaurant with its own personality and atmosphere.  Owned by the creative hospitality brand Soho House & Co, Cecconi’s Shoreditch inherits all its owners’ luxurious style and creativity whilst standing on its own in terms of individuality and design.

Dogan London handcrafted a selection of pieces to create a restaurant interior full of interest and charm.  The restaurants simple colour palette lends itself kindly to the beautiful collection of brassmirrors and the sleek curving bar with art deco-style shelving stacked with Italian liqueurs and aperitive, all created by Dogan London.

Upon entrance to the restaurant sits a beautiful bespoke reception desk, individually clad in white terrazzo tiles sourced from Italy.  Beyond the reception area into the bar area for dining, lies a stunning collection of banquet seating, twelve metres in total, handcrafted by Dogan London.

Delightful wall panelling and a fine bespoke coffee table complete the furniture and handcrafted items made by Dogan London for the exquisite restaurant interior.

Dogan Cagatay, Managing Director for Dogan London comments;

‘’We are really proud to have been involved with this project. We worked closely with the client to produce quality bespoke furniture to fulfil their design ideas and requirements. We were also available to provide advice and design ideas where and when required.’’

Further Information:
At Dogan London craftsmanship is key, furniture is lovingly created to fulfil specific design requirements. Dogan London are not restricted by trends or confined to producing just modern or traditional furniture. Often the style of the piece is born from the wonderfully creative mind of Dogan or the designer.
For almost forty years, Dogan London has been developing important and prestigious “turnkey” projects designed by internationally renowned architects: furniture solutions for hotels, cinemas, theatres, residential developments, museums, airports and even yachts and cruise liners – all over the world. Dogan London has been supplying elegant interior furnishings for both private residents and high-end brands including Jo Malone, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Sheraton and Morgan Stanley. Dogan London has also worked on a number of prestigious projects including rooms at the Soho House, Hampton Court and Chatsworth House as well as designing and carving magnificent pieces for the Queen and Royal Family.

Dogan Cagatay

An entrepreneur at heart, Dogan Cagatay has been working in the furniture and interior design world for several years. Trained as a civil engineer, he is passionate about home improvement and design with an eye for identifying the finest handcrafted pieces of furniture that are both stunning in design and superior in structure.
Inspired by Fleur Rossdale’s “Classic Meets Contemporary: Twelve Top Designers Create Interiors for Today, he is a great admirer of the elegance and class of British furniture. His work blends contemporary with the traditional, giving every piece of furniture a ‘soul’ and a unique story.
The Dogan London showroom in Battersea showcases a flavour of Dogan London’s work, the intricate workmanship that goes into each piece matched with his passion for designing furniture that will become treasured family favourites.
For Dogan, making a connection with the client is crucial, giving him the opportunity to understand and deliver pieces that will not only appeal to the owner aesthetically but become part of their lives within the living space. Along with his team of designers and craftsmen, trust, attention to detail and exceptional quality are the cornerstones of their work.
His work can be seen in homes across Chelsea and Fulham as well as in commercial spaces like Soho House, Morgan Stanley, Glaxo Smith Kline, Joe Malone and The Sheraton Hotel Group, amongst others.
If there is one quote that defines his philosophy of design it is this…
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci.

If you’d like to discuss a project, please give us a call on 0207 228 5339 or drop us a line at [email protected] to arrange an appointment or better still, pop into our showroom in Battersea. We’d love to have a chat.

Your living room is the one room in your home that can truly define you. This is where you can showcase your personality through the furniture you choose, their placement and the pictures and works of art you display. 

As bespoke furniture designers, we have worked with clients whose tastes have varied from the quirky to the contemporary to the classical; the one element that has remained consistent is the need for symmetry, balance and harmony in furniture placement and colour, texture and finish.

We thought we’d share some suggestions based on our experience.

Furniture setting

Your living room is a social hub. Place furniture in a way that creates a social setting so that people can talk to each other and interact. Arrange sofas and chairs opposite or adjacent to each other with perhaps a coffee table or nest to allow for conversations over tea and biscuits. If your area is small, consider the option of chairs instead of immovable sofa’s that you can shift around when people come over. Use corners wisely. A large corner sofa is perfect to lounge on, but can be a little anti-social. Perhaps a footstool or a sofa chair opposite might be a useful idea (If space permits).

Focal point

Choose a focal point. It could be your fireplace or your television, depending on the purpose of your space. Is it an entertaining space, a place for quiet time & reflection or a family lounge? It’s a good idea to use the focal point as guide on furniture placement.


Don’t ignore the lighting in your living room. It sets the tone for how the space is used. Soft lighting gives a gentler, calming feel. Whilst spotlights are ideal for a well-lit room, don’t be afraid to add additional lighting like a chandelier or a floor lamp to add some character.


This is probably the most important element defining your living room. It’s the colours and their combination that often sets the room ambience. You could have two sofas of the same colour with a contrasting chair. Or you could have different colour sofas with the same patterns of pillows. Light, pastel colours give the room a sense of calm and relaxation, with the darker, stronger colours adding the energy. Don’t shy away from experimenting and don’t be scared to used contrast. At the same time, avoid using a multitude of colours. We’ve often found one or two complementary colours and shades of these work as great combinations.

Rugs and carpets are often undervalued elements when it comes to thinking about living room harmony. They are a great way to connect spaces that may seem disjointed and can also be handy in adding colour or texture to your room. If you have furniture that’s muted in for example, grey or beige shades, a warm-coloured or bright rug could give the room the uplift it needs, complementing the furniture.

And finally, don’t clutter the room with too many pieces of furniture… Sometime less is more.

These are just a few pointers from us based on our experience. If you’d like some more ideas and suggestions for your living room specifically, please give us a call on 0207 228 5339 or drop us a line at [email protected] to arrange an appointment or better still, pop into our showroom in Battersea. We’d love to have a chat.

If you are redecorating your home or moving into a new house, bespoke furniture or pieces of furniture built to suit your specific needs and sense of aesthetic are a distinct stamp of luxury. Increasingly, homeowners are moving away from mass-produced furniture to unique, one-off pieces that add the ‘wow factor’ to their homes. If you are planning to commission bespoke furniture for your home, here are some tips on briefing your furniture designer that could make all the difference in achieving exactly what you had in mind.

Consider the “why”

In other words, identify the purpose of the furniture. Do you want it to fit into an awkward space like an alcove? Do you want a sofa of a specific size or dining chairs of a particular material? Or it could be simply to be a talking point. Ask yourself, “what do I want this piece of furniture to achieve?” The answer to this fundamental question will help your designer understand what you want created.

Style me beautiful

Once you have identified its purpose, think about a style you want your bespoke furniture to be made in; contemporary or modern, classical, shaker style, rustic, vintage or French just to name a few. Of course, this will depend on your preferences, current décor and the look you are trying to achieve. It’s a good idea to create a portfolio of styles and pieces you are drawn to as a visual record to show your furniture designer.

Materials can make or break

The material you select for the furniture is a key decision and has the power to take your piece of furniture to another level of aesthetic brilliance. The kind and colour of wood, for instance, oak or beech or ash, will determine the hardiness or fragility of a piece. At Dogan London, our Rattan furniture has been extremely popular of late. Not only are they a deserving talking point, but they are hard wearing, easy to maintain and come in a variety of colours and patterns.

“You sit better on a colour that you like” Verner Panton

We’re not sure if that’s true, but think about your overall colour scheme. You may want your bespoke pieces to match with your other furniture or you may want a completely contrasting colour. This goes back to the purpose of your piece. If it’s a bookshelf you are commissioning, you might choose a colour that blends in with the rest of the house. If, on the other hand, you are commissioning an armchair for your living room, as a statement piece, you might choose a dramatically different colour.

Size is everything

Get a handle of the dimensions before you meet your furniture designer. He or she will need to assess the space in which your piece will sit to be able to create something that’s proportionate. If, for example, it’s a piece that needs to fit into an alcove, exact measurements are key. If you are purchasing dining chairs or bar stools know the size of the table or your island. This will allow the designer to plan and design pieces that fit appropriately into the designated space.

Seeing is believing

Whilst you don’t have to be an artist, if you can sketch your dream piece out, your designer will get an understanding of what’s on your mind. It may be that creating the exact piece may not be achievable from a practical point of view, but your designer will be able to visually understand and create something as close to it as possible.

The elephant in the room

Sometimes the thought of how much a piece of bespoke furniture is going to cost, puts people off from commissioning them. And yes, a unique piece designed and handcrafted for a specific purpose will be dearer than a mass-produced item, but the value and sense of satisfaction achieved when it’s installed in your home is second to none.

At Dogan London, every piece of furniture is handcrafted and designed to suit your specific purpose and taste. Please visit us in our showroom in Battersea or give us a call on tel: 0207 228 5339 to book an appointment. If you prefer, drop us a line at  [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Arranging furniture can be a daunting task. When you’re faced with an empty room knowing how to fill it can seem overwhelming. But all you need to do is follow these common sense rules and you’ll find that arranging furniture isn’t so scary after all.

Choose a Focal Point
Never underestimate the power of a focal point. Sometimes they appear naturally as windows or built-in mantels, while other times you create them yourself, as with media units and televisions.

Whatever your focal point is, make a decision and stick with it. You’ll want to arrange furniture around it as much as possible. Read More
To schedule a consultation with Dogan to discuss your furniture layout, give us a call on + 44 (207) 228 5339 or email us at [email protected].

Dogan Cagatay launched the Battersea based showroom of the Dogan London with the vision to provide interior designers and homeowners, with an end-to-end service from concept to completion and delivery. This mission is now crowned by the opening of an upholstery workshop as part of their showroom.

The upholstery workshop is an answer to the growing demand of clients who would like to design the shape and fabric of their furniture at the high-end, luxury standard that  Dogan and his team offer.

The workshop makes it easy and convenient for interior designers and homeowners to get their sofas, chairs, wardrobe doors, linen cupboards and other pieces upholstered by the Dogan London team themselves.

An endless choice of fabrics

With over 35 years in the handcrafted furnishing industry, Dogan London uses traditional upholstery methods and skills that have been passed on through generations. They upholster ornate English or contemporary furniture selecting from a wide range of materials and fabrics. From hard-wearing natural leather with a natural character to patterned fabrics, the choice of upholstery fabrics is almost endless.

Dogan London are happy to recommend and source the desired material from leading fabric manufacturers to perfectly match your ideas and expectations. Apart from this, they can upholster the furniture using your own specified fabric. To complement your fabric choice, they also supply high-quality upholstery trimmings, gimp, braid, decorative nails, new foam, feather or hollow fill fibre cushions for seats, backs, scatters and bolsters.

Everything at Dogan London is bespoke including the upholstery on each piece of furniture. Dogan works with you to make suggestions to the fabric, upholstery trimmings and colour that he feels are the most suitable to achieve your design goals. Having the in-house upholstery as part of the showroom gives Dogan London the flexibility to tailor every step of the project to your needs.

Tailor-made reupholstery

Another benefit of the workshop is that Dogan London can provide reupholstery services for existing sofas, chairs, wardrobes designed by them, or made elsewhere. This gives them the chance to assist interior designers and homeowners with refurbishing a home, giving furnishings a fresh, renewed look or a new concept. Their antique furniture restoration specialists have several years of experience and expertise of the restoration and reupholstery processes to make sure that the pieces look stunning.

As Dogan says,

“Opening the upholstery workshop is the perfect next step in our mission to turn your ideas into a beautiful reality, whatever vision you have for your furniture. Visit us at our London Battersea showroom and have a look at our newly opened workshop. Get inspired by a selection of past furniture we’ve handcrafted and let’s have a chat about your ideas.”

Please call the office on +44 (0) 207 228 5339 or email us at [email protected] to arrange an appointment.

Rattan is becoming popular once again with interior designers as well as homeowners. Rattan furniture and decoration are chic, elegant and easy to maintain. Trusted source of design expertise and know-how, Dogan Cagatay, Director of Dogan London shares with us below why rattan furniture is such an evergreen hit.

#1 Highly versatile

Interior designers love using rattan to add texture and variety to a room: we’ve worked closely with them to create a wide range of bespoke pieces including headboards, chairs, cabinets, benches and bars. Rattan works well in both traditional and contemporary settings. Thanks to its versatility designers can easily mix a set of rattan chairs with a different style of furniture in the same room. It can come in a wide variety of colour mixtures starting from simple tones such as beige, white and brown up to the more extreme colours of the range.


#2 Stylish and elegant

We are passionate about creating pieces that blend in and add flavour to a lounge, terrace, dining room, bedroom or patio. The unique weave patterns combined with rich upholstery or hand-crafted woodwork gives any room a sense of luxury and style. Its tropical origins make it a perfect fit for an organic and minimalist look as well as for exotic and colonial interior designs. The airy, light structure gives the furniture an elegant and refined appearance, without compromising on comfort.



#3 Durable and easy to maintain

Rattan furniture is an exciting choice as it is long lasting and easy to maintain. It’s a softer and lighter material than wood making it easier to move or store. The adaptable texture and ease of use allows existing rattan furniture to be revamped, with a new colour, a new pattern and a new purpose. Last, but not least, rattan grows in value with age, and can become a part of your family for generations.

Be aware that synthetic rattan furniture offered in department stores and hypermarkets possesses none of the features mentioned above. These can come slightly cheaper than the genuine rattan pieces but will never have the same level of duration or the stylish appearance. Always look for the handcrafted design and quality that the Dogan London team are guaranteed to deliver. Visit us at our new London showroom and get inspired by a selection of past rattan furniture we’ve handcrafted.

Call Dogan on +44 (0) 207 228 5339 or email us at [email protected] to arrange an appointment.

We are excited to be making an editorial debut in The Cabinet Maker, one of UK’s most respected furniture news publications.
Read on to find out what drives Dogan Cagatay, Director of Dogan London, his inspirations and passions, Dogan London’s vision and why he chose London as the ideal place to expand Dogan’s international presence.

Call us on +44 (0) 207 228 5339 , email us at [email protected] or visit us at our Battersea showroom for ideas and inspirations on handcrafting the perfect cabinet or sideboard for your living room.


London living is always a battle for space, with homes new and old becoming more and more “compact”, requiring space-conscious furniture that doesn’t take up an entire room. Yet us Londoners are naturally social, with family and friends coming around regularly for dinner, parties and social get-togethers. Fortunately, Dogan London specialises in handcrafting bespoke furniture designed to fit your needs and tastes, and one of our most popular items are bespoke extendable tables.

There are four steps to how we design and craft the perfect extendable table, to ensure it not only fits its surroundings perfectly, but is a conversation starter and plays host to your guests when they visit.

  1. The Brief

Working with Dogan and our team of interior designers, we find out from you exactly what you want out of your bespoke table and chairs. We look at the room the table will be in to determine the best size for your table, in both compact and extended modes, and the materials we will use to make it, from brass and wood combinations to oak with silver legs. This will ensure your table is fully complementary to its surroundings, which is essential as our tables last a lifetime.

  1. The Design

We then begin to plan your table. As it is bespoke, we can tailor the design to exactly as you want it, or alternatively you can look through our gallery of past work for inspirations. Many of our clients want family initials and insignias incorporated into their tables for that truly unique feel, and our team will always present to you inspired and creative designs.

  1. The Crafting

Once approved, the designs are swiftly turned into reality. Our team of artisan furniture makers handcraft your table exactly to design, using the same tools, materials and quality assurance processes as we use for our British Monarch work. This guarantees your table has an unrivalled quality that is quite literally fit for a King and Queen.

  1. The Delivery

Using our secure courier service, we aim to deliver your table within 4 to 5 weeks, and leave you feeling ecstatic.

Come visit us at our new London showroom and see a selection of past extendable tables we’ve handcrafted. Call Dogan on +44 (0) 207 228 5339 or email us at [email protected] to arrange an appointment.

Go bespoke with your cabinets and sideboards
A cabinet or sideboard is more than just “the thing” you store your fancy dinnerware in, or display your ornaments on. It can be the talking piece of your living room, giving it a personality of its own.

With the trend of combining living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens into one open plan space, there is a greater importance placed on cabinets and sideboards to unify the look and feel of the room. That’s why our bespoke cabinets are approached with the same attention to detail as the rest of our bespoke furniture ranges.

Handmade to fit around your living area – and you!
All our pieces are made to order, to fit into a specific space within your home. They are designed with your décor in mind. Dogan London handcrafts each and every cabinet or sideboard, to the exact measurements of the room it will be placed in. This means they not only look like they belong in your living room, matching the design of any existing furniture and colour palettes, but can make best use of any unique features like odd-shaped walls. Best of all, as these pieces are artisan, we can inject as much personality and flourishes as you please, from brass finishing to rattan cabinet doors.

Maximise space with dedicated storage solutions
Our cabinets and sideboards allow you to leverage tall wall spaces with compartments that are both practical and attractive. As everything is made to measure, we can craft larger units that perfectly conceal unsightly objects or they can be built to display your most treasured ornaments, glassware, tableware, vases and even books.

Call us on +44 (0) 207 228 5339 , email us at [email protected] or visit us at our newly opened Battersea showroom for ideas and inspirations on handcrafting the perfect cabinet or sideboard for your living room.